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They dribble out useless shit and the community fixes it... Rinse and repeat. If they enforced said EULA, the community would likely be considerably smaller. Smaller community, less buzz, slow sales... Sad, but modding is what keeps the sims alive. Reactions: Kiwifruitpassion, LingTing2323, javelin 93 and 4 others. M.

Look, I love y'all. I know you don't want to participate in so-called "drama" because you think it's messy and shit. I get that, I do. But here's the deal. Cowbuild and her cronies are making the whole patreon method of dealing with the sims look bad, and that affects YOU guys too.




Cowbuild @cowbuild 2 months ago February 2022 Set (1) - The Great Gatsby-themed Wedding Set #sims 4 #sims #showusyourbuilds #ts4cc #sims 4 cc #thesims4 #cowbuil #dining #chair #cake #DESSERT #sims CreatorsCommunity #ValentinesDay.

Venus Outfit. A cute but also bold outfit with a bodycon and a cropped sweater. It gives me a lot of Bratz vibes. IDK why. But I love it A lot!.

24 EA SWATCHES. BASE GAME COMPATIBLE. HAT COMPATIBLE. ENABLED FOR WOMEN. SHADOW MAP + THUMBNAIL. 25 Solids made by the excellent @aharris00britney. + 5 patterns to make 30 total (you need to download the solid package for the patterns to appear) Tagged as feminine. Base Game Compatible.